Where does time go? Its almost 2016! What happened to 2015? Looking at all our blogs I realise how time has just flown by. It’s not that we haven’t had anything to write about, it’s finding the time to write about it! I am so sorry we haven’t kept you posted on what is happening, sometimes you can […]

Great news for all UP24 users – the UP24 activity wristband now has up to 14 days battery life! That’s double what it currently is! You gotta be happy with that! If you haven’t already (current users would have received an email last week to the email address you have registered with Jawbone) go and […]

Walk with Attitude / Pedometers Australia is proud to announce our ‘Step Safari’ workplace pedometer challenge has been ‘launched’. Step Safari joins our suite of global workplace pedometer challenges that include: 10,000 Steps Australia 10,000 Steps UK 10,000 Steps USA 10,000 Steps Tasmania and now 10,000 Steps Safari or more affectionately called StepSafari.com Snippet from […]

Basis Health Tracker Watch Many Australian’s (infact globally except USA) have been waiting so patiently for the release of MyBasis health tracker in Australia /Worldwide. It’s been available in the USA for over a year. Unless you had a postal address in USA there was no way international folks could get their hands on one. […]

Check your Device UP (Jawbone) does not have an ‘UP’ members website, so your activity data cannot be viewed on a laptop or desktop computer. So making sure you have the right smartphone / tablet device is really important. Not only so you can view your data via UP’s app but more importantly  so you […]

  Christmas is just round the corner and the New Year not so far away…which brings with it a few days off…YAY! And of course Australia Post have a few days off too – so shipping days are limited! Our PedometersAustralia.com and ActivityTrackersAustralia.com online stores are open 24 hr / 7 days a week for […]

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